Animation of the story so far

I've been taking photos from pretty much the same position throughout the build, so I thought I'd string them together in a dodgy animation.

Kitchen going in

Popped in this morning on the way to school dropoff to look into progress. It's looking incredible. Kitchen is going in downstairs. Plastering happening everywhere. Exterior cladding going on the outside back wall. Very exciting!

Lockup, stairs in, solar hot water in

Popped in today and there's lots of progress.

Yesterday, all the glazing was finished. We got keys and the place can now be locked up! On Monday the stairs went in. Today the pantry under the stairs was done. Also completed today was the solar hot water.

Very exciting to be getting this tangible progress!

Builder explained how the big crack above the back windows happened. That was the end of one days' work so it became a seam, which then cracked. He's going to cut a big chunk out. re-form it up and redo the hempcrete for that 

Bath is in!

Popped in this morning to check on progress. There's lots happening and the place is basically weatherproof now. Windows are in, roof is on. External cladding has been happening and it looks beautiful so far. Recycled spotted gum boards.

Upstairs the bathroom waterproofing is in place, plumbing and electrical work happening and insulation in.

Downstairs the bath has been installed.

One piece we're a bit concerned about is the hempcrete above the doors at the back of the house has developed a massive crack that stretches quite a way. Not sure what the builder will do about that particular thing, but I'm sure we'll find a solution.

Exterior moving along

These photos from the builder. It's looking quite amazing! Cladding is lovely and crisp.

Apparently the bathtub went in yesterday.

Windows are in!

Popped in on Saturday to check on things. The windows are in and they look fantastic. Double glazing throughout and they're beautiful things.

Also delivered on Friday was the recycled timber to used over the hempcrete as external cladding.

Windows arrived, chimney complete

Dropped in yesterday to check on site. Windows have been delivered and they look awesome. Double glazing throughout so it's gonna be quiet and perform well temperature wise.

Yesterday they finished the chimney extension and were working on flashing and roof detailing. All looking pretty damn good.

Hempcrete complete

I popped in on Saturday to see the house and there's been much progress. The hempcrete was almost complete and it's looking amazing. Even with walls and windows missing you can hear the deadening of sound inside the rooms from the thick, thick walls. Have a look at the thickness in the pictures here.

Word from the builder yesterday that the hempcrete is now complete and they're moving onto cleanup. Windows arrive later this week.

Ground floor walls done

Ground floor walls were completed yesterday. I popped in this morning to check out progress. They're moving really fast with the hempcrete and the wall downstairs, which we're thinking we'll leave as is, looks great.

Walls going up

On Friday the first hempcrete walls went up. Holly took some photos.