Depressing to be an Australian at the moment

Our heartlessness has sunk to new lows. It makes me ashamed to be Australian.

And Labor, what a bunch of political halfwits. If they think adopting the Opposition's position is going to win votes, they are even dumber than I thought. Anyone who supports this is likely already voting Liberal and probably believes the Carbon Tax Ate My Baby stories the Tory media keeps running.

Wilkie and Bandt, I salute you.

In which our garden gets sorted out

When we first moved in, I built some garden beds with sleepers lying at the back of the garden. I also made the rather stupid decision to have one of the beds jutting out into the yard. That dramatically reduced the usable space we had, though it did give us a good amount of growing beds for veggies.

With the sale of my domain, we took the plunge on professionals to sort it out. Properly built garden beds. A little patch of grass. Flat and level paving. It's brilliant and feels like a whole new garden. Looking forward to Summer when we can enjoy it. This weekend: planting out!

How Sydney got non-cyclists on two wheels

Fiona Campbell, Sydney council's manager of cycling strategy, spent many years as an independent cycling campaigner before joining the administration. In the UK to share Sydney's vision at the Building Cycling Cultures conference in Leicester, she admits to having been disappointed after the Games:

"Little infrastructure was actually delivered and we ended up with some sporting venues missing basic bike parking facilities. The Olympics were an opportunity to make substantial improvements and to get a shift to more sustainable transport. Sydney, unfortunately, did not take full advantage."

Fiona gets some love in the Grauniad.

Google, you do support so badly

The problem with a company of rock stars is that nobody wants to do the boring stuff. Integration, exceptions and handling edge cases is boring and glamorous, so it just doesn't get done well.

Here's an email from Google with the subject line We're here to help. Note the help "do-not-reply" email address. Why thanks.

Click on the "support team" link and I get:

Awesome support. Glad you're here to help guys.

This is caused by there being no viable mechanism to migrate Google Apps accounts, and no way to change the primary domain name. When I sold my domain, I needed to set up a new Google Apps account with the new domain. Now I get this. Wonderful work guys.

Moving domains

I've been offered a sizable chunk of cash for my domain, so everything's going to be moving. If you go to my site now, it should be redirecting. Once the domain transfers, those redirects will stop happening. Email should forward but I don't really have any recourse if that breaks, so update your emails. You'll also need to ping me again on gtalk if you want to connect.

New address is