Home stretch

We're moving in next weekend. It feels like it's been a very long time, though realistically it's been pretty quick.

Yesterday we dropped in to check out progress. Rooms getting painted, bulkheads installed in the kitchen, renders applied and the slate roof is being replaced.

Final details happening

Popped in this morning to check on progress. There were about 8 tradies on site putting in finishing touches. Painting, plumbing and carpentry all going on. All happening to allow us to move in the weekend after next. Very very exciting!

Details are looking pretty awesome. The render and lime wash on the outside hempcrete looks amazing. Look at the bevelled edge on the corner in the photos below.

Window reveals have been oiled and look stunning.

We have a move in date!

Big milestone reached this week. We got the builder to agree to a move in date. Everything should be finished enough for us to move in by 14th November. There might be some stuff still going on but all the big stuff should be done. Pretty exciting!

This week saw the benchtop, sink, oven and stove arrive and get installed in the kitchen. Plastering and rendering is going on and some fans got installed upstairs.

Cladding done, plastering and rendering underway

The exterior cladding to the first floor is complete and looks fab! Recycled blackbutt timber. We're going to let it weather to grey.

Inside the first layer of render is going on hempcrete, plastering is happening on internal walls and bathrooms are getting waterproofed. Appliances have started arriving: stove, microwave, fans all there, oven and sinks still to come.

Kitchen and cladding

Things are moving along pretty quickly. Popped in on Saturday to have a look. The exterior cladding looks sensational. Really happy with how that looks. Kitchen is going in and looks vibrant. Appliances arrive this week and next it seems. Plastering is continuing. Feel like we're getting towards the end.

In the photos you can see the massive pantry we'll be getting. The keen eyed will notice the ethernet that'll be going into a patch panel.

Kitchen going in

Popped in this morning on the way to school dropoff to look into progress. It's looking incredible. Kitchen is going in downstairs. Plastering happening everywhere. Exterior cladding going on the outside back wall. Very exciting!

Lockup, stairs in, solar hot water in

Popped in today and there's lots of progress.

Yesterday, all the glazing was finished. We got keys and the place can now be locked up! On Monday the stairs went in. Today the pantry under the stairs was done. Also completed today was the solar hot water.

Very exciting to be getting this tangible progress!

Builder explained how the big crack above the back windows happened. That was the end of one days' work so it became a seam, which then cracked. He's going to cut a big chunk out. re-form it up and redo the hempcrete for that