That's a lot of cannabis!

A huge quantity of cannabis got delivered to our house last week. It's the interior (hurd) of the stem from hemp plants, grown somewhere outside Maitland. This will shortly be mixed with lime and water to be made into the Hempcrete walls of our house.

Also, because she's gorgeous, here's a great photo of Ruby from yesterday's trip to the Five Dock festival with grandma.

A trip to the first floor

On this morning's site meeting I got to climb up the ladder and see how the first floor is gonna look. Everything feels bigger than I expected. Downstairs ceilings are higher than I thought, upstairs rooms are nice and big. Very exciting!

Build has slowed down a bit, labourer has been sick so things have slipped a little. Hopefully they can make it up.

Frame going up

Holly visited site again today and the frame's going up. This is going nice and fast and the weather's been great. Hooray!

Also Louis came first in two events at his school athletics carnival.

Concrete poured today

Slab was planned to be poured last Friday but sickness amongst the team meant they weren't ready. The builder brought in extra work and got things moving over the weekend. The kids and I popped in on Saturday morning to have a look and snap some photos. Builder also took some. The space for our new kitchen looked amazing on Saturday morning, with lovely Winter sun pouring down onto it as it will when most of the far wall is glazed.

Pour happens today. Very exciting given this is the big point where we start moving up! Weather seems to be in our favour for now.

Excavation underway

So demolition is nearly complete. Builders are now working on excavating down for the main slab where our new kitchen will be. Concrete apparently should be poured end of this week or early next week.