Dry February alcohol free beers: Vandestreek Playground Non Alcoholic IPA

Holly and I are having a break from booze for the month of February. It's a difficult month cos it's often got the hottest stretches of weather all year, so not having a cold beer at the end of an especially hot day.

I went and splurged on $170 worth of no alcohol beers. They range from craft brews to the mainstream like Carlton Zero and Erdinger's alcofree version.

I'll try and review each one I try. First up is Vandestreek's Playground IPA. This is a Dutch brewery but it's a long way from Heineken or Amstel. It's clearly an IPA with a strong bitter hoppiness and a reasonably full body. It's still a bit on the thin side but you have to give up something when you give up the booze. This one's really good and I'd gladly drink it again.

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