The Official Organ of the NSW Liberal Party

Business leaders demand say in running Sydney

Clover Moore

Businesses are fed up ... Lord Mayor Clover Moore / Pic: Ella Pellegrini. Source: The Daily Telegraph

Limited News abandons all pretense, now it's just the Official Publisher of the Liberal Party of Australia. In this ridiculous piece it quotes three "powerful players in the corporate world" who are fed up with Clover Moore's control of the City of Sydney. They fail to mention the small matter that every one of the three "captains of industry" quoted have served as Liberal Party politicians.

Nick Griener was Liberal Premier of NSW from 1988 to 1992.
Kathryn Greiner is his wife and was a Liberal councilor for the City of Sydney, that is a direct political rival of Clover.
Patricia Forsythe was a Liberal Member of the Legislative Council from 1991-2006.

All disinterested captains of industry with no political axe to grind here. Of course. Vikki Campion, I hope you don't claim your job title is "journalist".

Top Hottest 100 Australian albums of all time

Just put my votes into Triple J's Hottest 100 Australian albums of all time.  I just hope Farnsey and Barnesy don't make the top 10!

Here's my top 10, not in any order:
  • INXS  -  Kick
  • Itch-E & Scratch-E  -  Itch-E Kitch-E Koo
  • AC/DC  -  Back in Black
  • Gotye  -  Like Drawing Blood
  • Midnight Oil  -  10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1
  • Necks, The  -  Next
  • Pnau  -  Sambanova
  • PVT (aka Pivot)  -  O Soundtrack My Heart
  • Regurgitator  -  Tu-Plang
  • Severed Heads  -  Come Visit The Big Bigot

Changing jobs

I'm leaving Telstra Media this Friday for an exciting new job.  I'm going to be Head of Data at Datalicious, a company doing cool stuff at the intersection of web analytics, big data and marketing. I'm really looking forward to it!  Lots of new challenges and at a time when Australian companies seem to finally be waking up to the value of the data they're collecting.

Given next week I'll be in consultant mode, today's Savage Chickens is quite timely (as was this one when the job came up).

And no mention of consulting would be complete without a motivational poster:

Dear car sites: we're not all rev heads

Holly and I are discussing getting a bigger car. With another kid on the way, two child seats in the back of a Yaris is going to be very crowded. I need the seat all the way back to drive, and a car seat behind it would prevent that. There's also not enough cargo space with the whole back seat taken.

So we're looking around at cars. Lots of options, lots of quite good sites with reviews and comparisons. Carsguide's Buyer's Guides to used cars stand out as particularly useful round ups of individual generations of a particular model.

However, one thing that's really missing is the kind of information we need.  There's lots of sites that give really detailed information and comparisons about engine performance, torque, bore and stroke (whatever that is).  I couldn't give a shit.  My engine requirements are pretty simple: I push the pedal down, it goes.  I don't have to fill it up very often.  It doesn't break down.

What I really want is a meaningful comparison of legroom (front and rear) and storage space! This is really hard to find for used cars. The latest models on the manufacturers' sites tend to have these measurements, though I'm unclear if the basis of measurement is somehow standardised.

So lift your game car sites!  Do you really think that the kind of people who buy a Toyota Yaris care about the specifics of what's under the hood?  Not everyone is a rev head, though I suppose the majority of people building car sites are.

The Cure

An amazing gig in an amazing venue. The Cure playing their first three albums at the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall. Brilliant. Over three hours of brilliance. After missing out on tickets when they sold out in about two minutes, we were lucky enough that a friend heard of some extra, last minute tickets turning up. And they were good tickets, off above the side of the stage.