Music I've been enjoying

For those of you who don't religiously observe my feed, I've discovered some awesome new music recently, from a variety of sources. And I don't mean The Wiggles. Blame Louis for that...

If you haven't discovered Grimes yet, you should definitely check her out. Quirky and catchy. At first I really didn't dig it, what with its reverb overload a la mode, but there was some hook in it that kept me coming back. Now I'm hooked. Sadly all her Sydney gigs sold out in minutes and I missed out.

Hidden Orchestra
On a totally different tack, this collective from Edinburgh are a jazz orchestra with more in common to hip hop and post rock than jazz. Kind of a more electronically influenced version of The Necks. In fact, if The Necks ever programmed All Tomorrow's Parties (dream ticket!) these guys would definitely be on the bill. Love it. And the new album is awesome.

Zoey Van Goey
Staying in Scotland but sounding more like a band in the Canadian orbit around The New Pornographers (listen to You Told The Drunks I Knew Karate to see what I mean), these guys have beautifully catch pop choruses and harmonies. If this song and cute video doesn't put a smile on your face, you need a heart transplant. Discovered through their link to fellow Wegies Belle & Sebastian and The Delgados.

Civil Civic
Finally one of the bands introduced by a colleague. They're somewhere in the same area as Ratatat, possibly somewhere out near Tortoise? I dig it anyway.