First Sydney FC home game of the season

Saturday night was the first Sydney FC home game for the season. A lovely warm afternoon and 35,000 people packing the stadium. Given the last home game last season had around 7,000, it was a very different experience having that many people around. We're used to spreading out across a dozen seats with the kids and all our kid equipment. Not so this time, very few empty seats. We couldn't even force our way into our usual spots in The Cove it was so jammed with people.

I spent the second half of the game walking Ruby around with a pram to get her to sleep. She slept through Del Piero's amazing free kick goal and resulting pandemonium. The view from higher up was quite a bit better anyway, as you can see from my photos.

Gonna be an exciting season if Sydney can get their shit together. We looked good in the last 20 minutes but were pretty poor the rest of the time.