Another Belgian Wit

I brewed up another Belgian Wit kit on Monday night, this time a Brewferm Tarwebier. I didn't add any orange peel or coriander this time, just to see, and used only glucose. We'll see how it goes.

I tried to use the left over White Labs yeast I've had in the fridge for a few months. By the next morning it hadn't done much, so I rehydrated and bunged in the yeast from the kit. That seemed to get things going.

It's gonna be a bit of a weak beer. For starters, the kit only seems to be supposed to brew 15L when I'm doing 23L (with added sugar) and the gravity was kinda low. Still, as always I'm sure it'll be nice.

Have a bunch of stuff on the way from Hop and Grape to keep me going through the Winter. Forgot to buy some Campden tablets, so I might need to make a trip out to Spencers for that.

Currently drinking the delicious first attempt at a Belgian Wit. Waiting on the very bitter IPA and the Xmas keg beer. The cider is, of course, still bubbling away.

Meanwhile, trying to get some good beers down to keep us through the Winter. Space is going to become something of an issue.

Wheat beer and IPA

Just bottled my exceptionally bitter IPA. Brewed from a Coopers IPA kit and it's certainly damn bitter. Should be nice when it's ready.

Also just cracked into my Belgian Wit which I thought was going to be a write-off. The flavour up until this time was cloyingly sickly fruit. Now it's spectacular. The fruity flavours have mellowed and now take a back seat. It's great! Think I'll take some to the Halloween party tonight.

John Peel RIP

The only good DJ left on Radio 1, John Peel, has died.

A very sad day for all music fans. This man has broken more new bands, giving them their big break, than probably any other. His incredibly broad and varied. In one programme he would play everything from 78s from the 20's through hillbilly bluegrass to gabba techno.

Cider making weekend

Cider making in Gloucestershire

Over the weekend, Scott and I went cider making in the Forest of Dean. Was a great weekend away in beautiful countryside and we learnt the pleasures of making traditional cider. We also got to bring back 25L of fermenting cider.

Photos here.

Bloody hell my foot!

I seem to have injured my foot. Possibly a stress fracture, according to the quacks. Hurts like buggery ("Nothing hurts like buggery" - Doug Anthony All Stars) and was throbbing all night.

I'm off to do a cider course over the weekend in Gloucestershire. Will have to scale back my activities there, unfortunately. Fortunately my drinking arm is in good shape.

In other news, my geek tourism site is hitting random blogs all over the place. Not many people actually adding stuff yet, but it's ticking over. Blogistan should be good for my Google Juice.

Just hope I don't get Slashdotted in the near future... That would just wipe out my server.

Suck-in-your-cheeks bitter!

Put the Coopers IPA in the bucket yesterday. I boiled up a huge couple of handfuls of Fuggles hops for half an hour to try and get a bit more bite in. Fuggles is, supposedly, an aroma hop and I got these very cheap from Spencers Homebrew so wasn't worried about using loads.

I chucked in another handful and continued boiling for five minutes or so, just for a bit of aroma. Then I strained the lot into the bucket with the beer.

When I tested the Original Gravity (1050) I had a taste. My, it's gonna be one bitter beer! I guess that's kinda authentic to the IPA style, and not really a problem. I just hope that it has enough residual sweetness to counter the bitterness, since I used 1kg of glucose and no extra malt. Must remember to prime with malt, then.