Dark wheat beer

This week the Great British Beer Festival has been on at Olympia, which is very close to our house. I think my favourite has been the dark German wheat beer I had last night. Delicious! Might see if I can make such a beast.

And if my head is anything to go by, steer clear of the (12%!) barley wine.

Canadian blonde bottled

I bottled the Canadian Blonde last night. Should be a nice, light beer with loads of hop aroma. I bottled with 100g glucose priming and a handful of Fuggles hops boiled in for a few minutes. Tasted pretty good when I took a gravity reading. 4% or so alcohol.

Alternative to allmusic.com?

I've used allmusic.com to find out information about musicians, albums and songs for years. It's always been a clunky, slow web site. The most annoying thing was that they used Javascript instead of a href for links, so you couldn't open another window to explore something else later, couldn't bookmark individual pages and it was difficult to send a link to a friend.

Well now it's got even worse. Their recent "upgrade" to the site has made it slower and even dodgier. They now state that they only support Internet Exploder on Windows platforms. Outrageous!

So does anyone know of an alternative that is as good and comprehensive as allmusic.com for information about artists? I can imagine some online project like IMDB for music would be great. A Wiki type thing would be perfect, with strict templates.

Wow that was quick!

I brewed a Coopers Canadian Blonde kit on Sunday night with 500g glucose and 500g pale malt. This morning the yeast foam was all gone and I was worried something was wrong, so I chucked in another dry yeast packet just to be sure. Tasting it tonight, it actually seems to be completely fermented out. Amazing!

I guess the glucose really is easier than sugar for the yeast. This is a 48 hour fermentation. Incredible stuff, and tastes alright too. I guess doing a nice big yeast starter helps too.

Now I have to find enough bottles to get it into bottles.