Nut brown ale

Just brewed up a Munton's Nut Brown Ale kit. Added 200g pale malt, 900g dark malt and boiled a handful of the cheap, crappy Fuggles hops for a while. Should be good.

Following a successful brew, I cracked open one of my Exceptionally Bitter beers. It's only been bottled 21 days and it needs some more time. Nice and crisp though, but hasn't really conditioned yet.

Guantanamo Baywatch

Just went and saw Guantanamo Baywatch, one of the trilogy by the same writer as The Madness of George Dubya. That hysterical counted as the funniest live comedy I've ever seen.

Baywatch was good too, though sadly with a very small audience and loads of empty seats. Hilariously funny but with biting social commentary. It was certainly better than the dreary political "comedy" Stuff Happens on down at the National.

As with Dubya, the script seems to be updated day-to-day to match events. This had an Arafat gag, as well as digs at Abu Gharaib. The Rummy's Revue scene was just classic. Oh and if you saw Dubya, you'll be happy to know that Yasmina the Cleaner (a very nice girl) is also in this one.


Anyone know where to get juniper berries? We're off to Scotland this weekend with a bunch of friends. We'll be cooking up eight pounds of venison and the recipe calls for juniper berries...

New edition of McGee's On Food and Cooking

On Food and Cooking
by Harold McGee

A new edition of Harold McGee's amazing book On Food and Cooking has been released. The original book is an amazingly detailed and interesting look at how food and cooking works from a scientific point of view. McGee can be credited with inspiring the interest in Molecular Gastronomy that has become so popular in recent years.

If you're interested in deepening your knowledge of cooking and how it works, I'd heartily recommend this book.

British radio sucks!

I bought one of these handlebar-mounted radios from eBay recently. It arrived yesterday and I listened to XFM on the way into work this morning. Over my 35 minute commute they played three songs and spent the rest of the time being terribly funny and running advertising. Jee-zus!

Have to get my little FM transmitter going so I can listen to whatever I want. Just hope the transmitter is strong enough to reach from pannier to handlebars, and doesn't get too much intererence from the copious pirate stations in London.

Another Belgian Wit

I brewed up another Belgian Wit kit on Monday night, this time a Brewferm Tarwebier. I didn't add any orange peel or coriander this time, just to see, and used only glucose. We'll see how it goes.

I tried to use the left over White Labs yeast I've had in the fridge for a few months. By the next morning it hadn't done much, so I rehydrated and bunged in the yeast from the kit. That seemed to get things going.

It's gonna be a bit of a weak beer. For starters, the kit only seems to be supposed to brew 15L when I'm doing 23L (with added sugar) and the gravity was kinda low. Still, as always I'm sure it'll be nice.

Have a bunch of stuff on the way from Hop and Grape to keep me going through the Winter. Forgot to buy some Campden tablets, so I might need to make a trip out to Spencers for that.

Currently drinking the delicious first attempt at a Belgian Wit. Waiting on the very bitter IPA and the Xmas keg beer. The cider is, of course, still bubbling away.

Meanwhile, trying to get some good beers down to keep us through the Winter. Space is going to become something of an issue.