Windows arrived, chimney complete

Dropped in yesterday to check on site. Windows have been delivered and they look awesome. Double glazing throughout so it's gonna be quiet and perform well temperature wise.

Yesterday they finished the chimney extension and were working on flashing and roof detailing. All looking pretty damn good.

Hempcrete complete

I popped in on Saturday to see the house and there's been much progress. The hempcrete was almost complete and it's looking amazing. Even with walls and windows missing you can hear the deadening of sound inside the rooms from the thick, thick walls. Have a look at the thickness in the pictures here.

Word from the builder yesterday that the hempcrete is now complete and they're moving onto cleanup. Windows arrive later this week.

Getting ready for Hempcrete

Popped in this morning to check on progress. Formwork for the hempcrete is going in. They should start on the hempcrete on Friday or so. I've booked in a day of leave to help out, cos I'm curious to see how it's done.

Rooms are taking shape

Popped into the site today and saw that the frame is getting close to complete. It's great seeing the shapes of the rooms and where the windows will go. It's gonna be so light and airy upstairs, and the rooms feel quite a bit bigger than I expect.

That's a lot of cannabis!

A huge quantity of cannabis got delivered to our house last week. It's the interior (hurd) of the stem from hemp plants, grown somewhere outside Maitland. This will shortly be mixed with lime and water to be made into the Hempcrete walls of our house.

Also, because she's gorgeous, here's a great photo of Ruby from yesterday's trip to the Five Dock festival with grandma.

A trip to the first floor

On this morning's site meeting I got to climb up the ladder and see how the first floor is gonna look. Everything feels bigger than I expected. Downstairs ceilings are higher than I thought, upstairs rooms are nice and big. Very exciting!

Build has slowed down a bit, labourer has been sick so things have slipped a little. Hopefully they can make it up.