Great holiday

We just arrived home from a fantastic holiday in Culburra just North of Jervis Bay. We had Aaron great time, in spite of the weather.

Tomorrow I start my new job at Vodafone. Quite looking forward to it too.


Hobart is lucky to have the amazing Museum of Old and New Art. The collection is incredible and the building spectacular. Well worth a visit!

Back home

We're back home after our week in NZ. Great trip. Not looking forward to being back at work!

Today's journey involved driving to Picton, catching the ferry across the Cook Strait and getting ourselves to the airport. As you can see, the weather on the Strait was perfect, with amazing sunshine and views.

Flying to Bali

So the flight to Bali was relatively uneventful.  Surprisingly Louis was fine on the flight.  He'd developed a snotty nose the night before the flight, so we were expecting the worst, but in the event he slept, played a little and was generally very good.

We haven't ventured out yet.  Too knackered last night after the flight, so we ordered room service and went to bed.  The hotel is lovely, and I think I might just duck off for a swim while Holly and Louis have a snooze.

Confusing pictograms

WTF does this mean?

Jason Parker-Burlingham posted a confusing pictogram so I thought I'd add my own. This is from the path to the beach in Nida in Lithuania, which is at the Lithuanian end of the Curonian Spit. That's the sliver of sand that juts into the Baltic, half of which is a piece of Russia marooned inside the EU.

Anyway we worked out what the pictogram meant after walking on the beach. It means the left path leads to a part of the beach reserved for women only, which we worked out when Des and I were asked to leave. Confusingly there seemed to be lots of nude women as well as the bikini-wearing ones you'd expect from the image. The right-hand path was a general nudie beach for anyone.

Lunch in Coffs

Geo: -30.289268,153.122356 Lunch in Coffs We've just arrived in Coffs Harbour after an early start. We're heading up the coast to Uki for a New Year do. We being Don, Christine, Eric, Holly and I. Rachel, Mikey, Leonie, Mark, Lee and Nick are in cars behind us.

The end

Geo: -36.982510,147.142761 The end All over unfortunately. A great last day. 18cm of snow overnight made for great runs. In the morning I rode the chutes in Heavenly Valley. The afternoon I did a bunch of slushy runs down Blue Ribbon. Loads of fun. We've got a couple of hours of driving to our overnight stay, them driving home via Canberra.

Great morning

Geo: -36.976593,147.147796 Great morning Lovely morning today, though the weather looks set to deteriorate. Yesterday afternoon we discovered some lovely and quiet runs that tested our skills. Now happily working the wide black runs. I've really been enjoying the steeply banked runs, sliding up the sides for the turn. Some of there runs are almost a half pipe. I'm pretty happy with my progress this week, though my turns still need some practice.

Visibility: excellent

Geo: -36.984936,147.144996 Visibility: excellent This view from our apartment window is what the Hotham web site describes as excellent visibility. Fortunately it's a little better further down. The snow is getting a bit plowed up, especially since half the lifts are closed. Still having fun though. We're doing xmas tonight in our apartment. Roast leg of lamb, veg, sprouts, all the trimmings.