Tennis and football

Lleyton Hewitt and
Mark Philippoussis at Queen's Club

Holly and I went to see Lleyton and The Poo at Queen's Club last night. We get freebie tickets because it's at the end of our street. Was good fun, though the Aussie lads really weren't at their prime and went down in straight sets.

Tonight we're off to see the Australia vs New Zealand football friendly at Fulham. Very much looking forward to this game. Should be a load of fun.

Week off

I've managed to score a week off in between jobs. Can't wait. Lots of things I need to catch up on, and little projects I've not got around to.

Back on the bike. At last!

Finally got back on the bike today. Foot seems pretty much healed now, so I can ride again. Of course, luck being what it is, that will likely mean a wet ride home in London Spring drizzle.

Was a nice ride in, though I'm looking forward to the new job. Currently I ride through Brook Green, Shepherds Bush, White City, Wormwood Scrubs, Harlesden, Stonebridge Park. Crackland, in other words. New commute will take me through Kensington High Street, Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, St James' Park, Charing Cross Road, New Oxford Street. Lovely!

New job.

I just resigned from my job. I'm moving to Searchspace who make anti-fraud and anti-money laundering software.

Quite looking forward to new challenges. Very much looking forward to using Framemaker again. After four+ years with Word and then AuthorIT, it will be refreshing to be using software that is almost bug-free. Also they have a very long release cycle, which will be refreshing.

Other advantages include it being in Central London. New Oxford Street, in fact. That means about the same distance but the ride should be a lot nicer, taking in Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park and Oxford Street (or the longer but scenic route via St James' Park). Will make a change from riding through crackland.

Apparently my foot is fine

Went for my appointment at the hospital's fracture clinic this morning. After an x-ray, the doctor said it should be fine now for me to start doing sport and the like. Disturbingly, he said that the x-rays didn't show much healing but he thought it should be okay based on my symptoms. Erm...

Think I'll still take it easy and gradually ramp up the activity.

Ouch sore!

This broken foot is quite a pain. The flight from Australia was a nightmare with the foot swelling up enormously and an annoying bitch behind me kicking my seat constantly.

Swelling has gone down now and I can actually hobble along without the crutches. This is a good thing because the crutches I was given by Ryde Hospital are terrible. I've got a huge blister on the palm of my hand and my arms feel like I've spent hours at the gym doing weights. A work colleague has given me some of the more modern metal ones, which seem better in that regard.

Makes me think about the inaccessibility of London transport. My world has been significantly reduced the last few days. Getting more mobile now though.

Ack! Broken foot.

This has been an eventful trip to Sydney. I'm flying back to London tomorrow morning, but this afternoon while walking in Bronte, I slipped off the footpath, twisted my ankle and broke my foot. ARGH!

With a bit of luck I'll get an upgrade, but it's really not good.

In Sydney for now

Results from my Dad's tests have shown his heart is fine. That's excellent news and means his chest pains were probably the result of stress over the last few weeks, and nowhere near as worrying.

So I'm still currently booked to be in Sydney until Monday. I'm trying to get on a flight back to London for the weekend, because it's Holly's birthday and we have big plans for it, though it's unlikely I'll get onto an earlier flight. Still trying though.

If I'm around on the weekend, I'd love to catch up with people. Saturday night is looking good, and this time I'll choose a pub that's not so crap. Maybe the Courthouse?