Should I go to

Registrations are open for and the programme looks quite interesting. For me it looks like Wednesday and Thursday are the most worthwhile days. Thing is, I'm a contractor and going means two days without pay, on top of the fee for attending.

It's a tricky one really. Quite an expensive couple of days. I'll have to think on it...

Hopefully a home

We put a deposit and application in to rent a house in St Peters on Saturday. It's a lovely little two-story semi with a bit of open space at the front and a nice little unpaved garden out the back. Two bedrooms with a sunroom out the back. We should get it given we were the only ones who turned up for the viewing.

It'll be great to have our own pad again. We've been staying with my parents for the last six weeks or so and, while I love my parents to bits, we'd like our own space. Certainly looking forward to not living in a flat as we did in London.

Hot hot hot

It was damn hot from Thursday to Saturday last week. 37°C on Saturday! We went up to Wamberal and had a swim at Avoca and then Terrigal. Amazingly Terrigal had decent surf, which meant I had a bit of a bodysurf and boogie board. Quite fun getting back into that after six years!

Ben and Kaz met us for lunch and Graeme came up to the holiday house for Saturday night. Was great to catch up.

Graeme brought some of his homebrew and a bottle of wine made by a cooperative his brother belongs to. Lovely! I managed to bottle my latest brew (Cooper's Canadian Blonde) and get another (Cooper's Wheat Beer) on.

Google love

I just had an enquiry from someone looking for a technical author. Sounds like good people, but it's in Brisvegas and wasn't paying enough to justify another move.

Anyway, I was wondering how she found my site and tried Google with resume AuthorIT. Oh, now I see. Google really loves my site! Let that be a lesson to you Flash-loving, HTML table-using design weenies.

Got some work

I've finally got myself a job, doing content management at AAPT. Should be an interesting gig. It's interesting it's taken me a while to get work. The usual experience of recruit-scum being all hot for you and then never hearing from them again. I would have thought the "I can start tomorrow" part would have helped, but it's all taken a while.

Anyway, this contract takes me through to at least January, so after we've saved a bit we should be able to rent outselves a house. Woo!

Plans for the next week or so

We're going to be in Sydney, staying at my parents' place in Gladesville, this week. We'll both be doing the job hunt thing and hanging about looking after my Dad who's got some back problems at the moment. Saturday night we're thinking Mad Racket at Marrickville Bowling Club.

So we'll be around for a bit. Be great to catch up with all you Sydney peeps.

New site design

After four years with the old design, I've finally got around to redesigning my site. This time around I've used CSS for layout, which was one of those things I've been planning to do for a long time. The blog still needs to be moved to the new styles, which I'll have a go at tomorrow. Feeling nostalgic for old designs? Try the Wayback Machine.

In other news, Holly and I are now on the job hunting treadmill again. As usual, this involved dealing with recruiters, marginally higher up the evolutionary chain from amoebas. I've already had one phone me and ask me a question which is answered on the third line of my CV. Sigh.

So if you know of any work going, drop us a line. Particularly keen on contracts at the moment, until life settles down a bit with things like having a home. Would consider permanent if the project was good.