I'm in Sydney

Haven't had a chance to post to the old blog for a bit. My grandmother died last weekend and so I flew into Sydney for the weekend. Now my Dad's sick, so I'm not sure how long I'll be here.

I've already made and broken plans to meet a large group of people. Thanks for your support guys and sorry for standing you up. Was unavoidable. Maybe we can make another set of plans.

In other news, Catalyst now has a Planet site to aggregate a bunch of Cat peoples' blogs. Bound to be interesting reading.

Warming up!

It was snowing only a couple of weeks ago and this morning I rode to work in shorts and t-shirt. Beautiful weather and looks set to stay this way all weekend. 19 degrees yesterday!

If this keeps up I'll have to get a BBQ on...

Doh moment

Guess who managed to wash his mobile phone with a pair of trousers over the weekend? Doh! Amazingly, the thing still works. I let it dry out overnight, then tried switching it on and it's fine. Screen looks a bit odd, but otherwise works fine. Clean too.

Invasion Day 2005

Australia Day at Scott's
Last night we marked Australia Day, commemorating the big land-grab that was whitey's arrival in Australia, with a barbecue in Scott's backyard. Being in London, it is of course the coldest, bitterest part of Winter. So we even had a brief snow shower.

Photos here. Thanks for hosting Scott, and particularly thanks for knocking up the brazier that kept us all warm.

Bloody hell my foot!

I seem to have injured my foot. Possibly a stress fracture, according to the quacks. Hurts like buggery ("Nothing hurts like buggery" - Doug Anthony All Stars) and was throbbing all night.

I'm off to do a cider course over the weekend in Gloucestershire. Will have to scale back my activities there, unfortunately. Fortunately my drinking arm is in good shape.

In other news, my geek tourism site is hitting random blogs all over the place. Not many people actually adding stuff yet, but it's ticking over. Blogistan should be good for my Google Juice.

Just hope I don't get Slashdotted in the near future... That would just wipe out my server.

Warm glove time

I switched to full-finger gloves on the bike today. Had the heading on briefly last night too. We all know what that means! cold weather here we come!

Ouch! Snowdon

Holly and I went hiking in Snowdonia over the weekend with Andrew Allen and one of his mates. Andy, being the gung-ho type, insisted on doing the hardest route via Crib Goch which was more a rock climb than a scramble.

At about 17:00 we started to worry about daylight, and were just working out what we should do when some very experienced hill runners (yes, runners!) came up to us. They advised us to return the way we'd come, which was up a steep, rocky cliff.

With their help, we made it just in time for dusk. We're actually very very lucky that we ran into those guys when we did!

Now, however, we're both incredibly sore. It was probably the toughest "hike" I've ever done. And certainly the scariest.

Photos shortly.