Email is back

My email is back up and running. Due to a failed backup CD, I lost about month of emails... Grrr... Time to work out a better backup system.

Summer is here at last

Well it looks like summer has finally hit here in London. It's a beautiful sunny day outside. Last night we slept with all the windows in the house open. Great, except for the annoying fly buzzing around me this morning while I was trying to sleep.

I'm going to my first London Critical Mass tonight. Hard to believe that I've been here two and a half years without having been to Critical Mass, but there you have it. Looking forward to it!

Email is down

Something strange going on with my computer at home. Getting all sorts of weird errors on the IDE bus. Looks like I'm gonna have to strip out all my drives and test each one to work out what the problem is.

That means no email until I get it fixed, since some pricks took the backup machine. If you need to contact me, use other means.

Mabye not

Well now it looks like my computer is really fuxx0red. If you need to contact me, email won't be working until I fix it. Try other methods.

The sun is out!

Magnolia tree in bloom

The sun is out and it's lovely! After the usual long and dreary London Winter, the spring has finally arrived. The trees are blooming, daffodils are breaking through the grass and our basil, chive and dill window boxes have finally sprouted.

Holly and I went for a little ride around our local area, checking out the local parks. They're quite lovely, actually, and even have hills! You can see the photos here.

Fun day out

Wow it's a been a busy weekend. Last night we, on the spur of the moment, went to Soxan in Whitechapel which was excellent. It was really really good, with excellent music and, here's the amazing combination in London, a really great crowd out for a good time. Had a brilliant time.

Today we had Holly and Matt's birthday party. Great day in an excellent pub, the Grand Union in Maida Vale. Excellent food and great company. Photos are here.

We wuz robbed

We got broken into on Monday night and a heap of our stuff was stolen. They broke in while we were out for only 35-40 minutes and my guess is that they had a key because they knew they could get in and were watching us.

Fortunately they didn't steal much that was totally irreplacable, apart from the photos on the film in one of the cameras and a couple of months' emails on my craptop. They have, however, decimated my DVD collection, the Kevin Smith collection particularly hurts. I think I'll stick to the vastly cheaper downloaded DivX to get my collection back.

Bring back hanging, I say!

A forgotten public institution

Yesterday I joined up to our local library. It's been years since I've belonged to a library. Probably the last one was the university library just after high school. I'd forgotten what glorious places they are and how much time I'd spent in my school years inside the things.

Libraries have come a long way since my last visit. I guess they've had to compete with the Internet for their core research usages, no longer being the only place to easily find authoritative information. In fact, most libraries can probably only give a certain type of source: authoritative, well-researched and biased in a specific, officialish, way. The Internet, on the other hand, gives a broad range of views, from the lunatic fringe to the conservative and sober.

But this library has got with the times. it's open seven days a week, has Internet access, DVD and CD hire and a comfortable atmosphere. I'm impressed!

Most importantly, this will save me a fortune in books. I've been exclusively buying books for the last decade or so, so this should make things a bit cheaper. Course I'll still end up buying the latest cyberpunk sci-fi novels, but for more run-of-the-mill stuff, it should be good.

Right now, I'm reading about the Spanish Civil War.