Best football match ever

Last night was the Champions League final between AC Milan and Liverpool. It will go down in history as one of the most exciting games of football (for the Aussies and Yanks, football is the game where you, surprisingly, use your feet on the ball) ever.

Milan scored in the first minute and went on to be up 3-0 at half time. Liverpool's manager evidently tore the team a new arsehole because they came out and equalised in about fifteen minutes. Incredibly exciting.

By the end of the second half, with Liverpool's players really flagging, Milan made a couple of attempts on goal that were incredibly knocked back by the Liverpool goalie.

Eventually, the game went to a penalty shootout with Liverpool winning, but they really had to work for it.

Quite looking forward to Australia vs New Zealand next month, though of course the game won't be a patch on the skill and quality of these top teams.

More spam Dada poetry

This one made the mistake of mentioning the word "Viagra", which means a quick trip to the junk bin. However, the attempt to get around the Bayesian filters is amusing.

urban centres with stable and predictable funding although details have yet to be provided in both Iowa and New Hampshire that is so weird you should say that The Eagles who are capable of sending million in fuel taxes per year

Spammers discover Dada poetry

My good friend, Furlough S. Megabytes, just sent me a wonderfully bizarre poetry with Subject: chlorates aweless bescrape chamois. This was quickly followed by my old mate Grudging T. Creamiest with Subject: demolisher clypeaster bogyland brackened. Wow!

I'm impressed because not only is this a brilliant piece of surreal poetry, but it also managed to make it past my spam filters. The first in some time! In fact, Spam Assassin only gave them 1.7.

This, I suspect, was because the big cluster of extra bonus Dada poetry at the end of the message threw off the Bayesian filters, and this spammer carefully tested the message with SA to ensure it didn't trip up any of the other rules.

Amused me, anyway...

Have we gone native?

In case you missed it, the UK temperature record was broken yesterday with temperatures reaching 38.1° Celsius in Gravesend, East of London.

Holly and I really felt the heat. Back in Oz, we wouldn't be too worried about such temperatures, though we would have fans and air-conditioned workplaces to make life a bit more bearable. Over here, buying a fan would be a bit of a luxury, considering it's only needed for a few weeks a year.

There are, I guess, some other factors. The air was very still for most of yesterday, no cooling breezes. In Sydney, we expect a spectacular afternoon storm on a hot day. That doesn't often happen in London.

Still, the fact that we're really feeling the heat can't help but remind me that we've been here quite a while now. Mabye we're getting used to the weather? Well I sure hope it gets cooler in the South of France by September or we'll be melting.

Reclaim the Beach

Last night we went to Reclaim the Beach, a party on the Thames. Perfect Summer Solstice weather and loads of people milling around and dancing to old-school funk tunes. Good fun! Only downer was the lack of toilet facilities -- we ended up walking all the way to Waterloo Station so Holly could expel all the beer we were drinking.

The only photos on my crappy, flashless camera that came out were the ones of the firetwirler. He was amazing: two sticks and total control, despite the uneven ground.