Ted Fest

Those of you who know my views on religion, and organized religion in particular, might be surprised to learn one of my idols is a Catholic priest. Father Jack Hackett has always been a role model for me, someone whose virtues present something of an inspiration. His religious teachings ("that would be an ecumenical matter") are both profound and point us to the unknowable.

In this vein, I would have loved to join the throngs of Teds, Dougals, Jacks, Mrs Doyles and Lovely Lovely Girls at Ted Fest on Craggy Island recently. What a fantastic idea!

In the same vein, I'd love to go to Lebowski Fest at some point, although I'm not too keen on visiting the US these days given the rudeness of their security apparatus.

Long Tail not that long

The Long Tail in a remainder pile

This really tickled my funny bone. In case you're wondering, The Long Tail was something a certain business nerd stick mag was trumpeting a few years back. The basic premise of it was that, with minimal cost to holding inventory, non-traditional stores can stock an almost unlimited range of products, which means niche products can thrive.

But I guess the time of this particular niche is over.

Flight of the Conchords

After a throwaway comment made by Steve about this band and tv show, I thought I'd download it and check it out. It's absolutely brilliant! Holly and I have watched the first couple of episodes and it's truly hilarious.

Flight of the Conchords follows a Kiwi band trying to make it in New York. Their fanbase (that is, Mel, a married woman who seems to be creepily devoted to the band) never seems to grow and their gigs are generally rather pathetic affairs such as trade shows and aquariums. When they happen at all.

The humour is very subtle, with lots of self-deprecating digs at the Kiwi accent and insecurity about New Zealand's bigger, brasher neighbour. It's quite unlike most American sitcoms, but then that's probably because it's conceived by people who aren't American. The kind of people who know that irony isn't when it rains on your wedding day.

So check it out. It's running on BBC4 in the UK, and given it came out this year will probably be running on Australian free-to-air sometime before 2020. Somewhat sooner from your favourite torrent site.

Gen Yers: pah!

Those of you from Gen X will be as shocked as I was when I discovered that many Gen Yers haven't even seen the best of John Hughes' filmic output. How you could think of yourself as a well-rounded individual without having seen Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Weird Science and Ferris Bueller's Day Off is beyong me!

Well today's Savage Chickens has the solution! The Society for the Preservation of Molly Ringwald.

So that's what all the noise was

So all that noise last night wasn't a trial run of the motorcades for next week's visit by monkey man. This would've been just up the road, and we had the windows open last night, so that would explain why it seemed every cop car in Sydney was driving around our area. I was pretty sure I heard a gunshot, but I guess that could have been the smash.

PS: A good example of the value of the geographical tags and the RSS feeds available in the redesigned ABC news site.