Chutzpah is...

Second in my series of posts about the great word chutzpah.

sponsors Live Earth

Chutzpah is... running a series of concerts highlighting global warming and having one your sponsors be... well, a a manufacturer of cars that isn't exactly reknowned for its stellar fuel efficiency. For those of you who aren't Australian, Holden is Australia's brand owned by General Motors.

Update I see the American coverage is also sponsored by General Motors.

sponsors Live Earth

I wonder if they approached Exxon?

Estate agent idiots

This one is the most creative I've seen in a while. "Aura of St Peters/Newtown". That's just brilliant!

Now if only they applied some of their creativity to filing their ads in the appropriate category. Flats are not houses.

Great educational products

For some reason the old "SRA cards" we used to do in primary school, reading comprehension tasks, came up in conversation. So I looked online for them. And found this page. Those of you who've done proof reading for a living will see the hilarious bit immediately. Otherwise, look closely at the main heading. Mwahahaha!

Lost galah

Lost galah

Now here's something you don't see every day. This lost galah poster was spotted on Australia Street in Newtown. So if you see a galah answering to the name "Choppie"...

This interweb thingy is great

I need to buy a suit for a wedding I'm helping MC. I've got some cheap, nasty suits, including two I had made in Vietnam, that tend to come out for weddings, funerals and occasionally job interviews. I don't wear a suit to work, and my rates get very high for companies that expect me to wear one. Even so, I think I probably need a nice one.

So I type How to buy a suit into Google and, whadaya know, there's a great article about just this task. Brilliant!