Visibility: excellent

Geo: -36.984936,147.144996 Visibility: excellent This view from our apartment window is what the Hotham web site describes as excellent visibility. Fortunately it's a little better further down. The snow is getting a bit plowed up, especially since half the lifts are closed. Still having fun though. We're doing xmas tonight in our apartment. Roast leg of lamb, veg, sprouts, all the trimmings.

White out

Geo: -36.978000,147.147763 White out This morning started out beautiful and sunny. When I got up to pee at dawn the view out the window was spectacular. I got some photos on my real camera. About 1000 clouds started moving and and the peaks are now completely covered. The visibility is very poor and I did a brilliant face plant when I dropped down a lip I couldn't see. Currently heading lower where you can still see.

On the piste

Geo: -36.988866,147.145640 On the piste Up early this morning to hit the slopes. It's a really interesting resort and we've covered a fair chunk of it. I'm quite happy with my boarding. First run and I nailed my turns so I haven't forgotten too much.


Geo: -37.054151,149.943536 Eden View from Ben Boyd National Park near Eden. We had a fun night last night with an Elvis and Johnny Cash impersonator at the local pub. Driving up to Mt Hotham today and snowboarding tomorrow!

Brogo dam

Geo: -36.489320,149.741006 Brogo dam We're back in my old stomping ground near Bega. This is the big dam that supplies the area. Seems smaller than back when I was a kid.

Key signing in Sydney on 12th September, 2008

Geo: -33.85967,151.207025

Udo van den Heuvel is visiting and would like to do a key signing to improve the web of trust. I've suggested The Australian in The Rocks where I tend to take overseas tourists because they have good beer and pizzas topped with both our two national animals, in a good central location.

If you're coming, please bring identification that matches your key and a bunch of little slips of paper with your key details and fingerprint on it, to enable people to verify your identity and key. I'll be following the "informal" method.

Friday 12th September
18:00 for 18:30
key signing, then beer and pizza.
The Australian, 100 Cumberland Street, The Rocks
Probably the back room "ladies" bar. I look roughly like this.

The Obama Blend

I just bought some coffee beans at the phenomenally-busy Campos Coffee on Missenden Road. I had to write down the description to share with you.

The Obama Blend

Great deptch of character, strong and eloquent. This very appealing blend unites coffees from Africa and the Americas to produce a cup which has gotten us excited. Formidable middle palate flavours, syrupy with an uplifting finish. Excellent choice for going forward and ideal for those interested in change.

I didn't try the McCain blend. Don't think I'd like the thin, weak, old-fashioned bitter flavour.

Testing my geo mobblog

Geo: -33.902166,151.163230 Testing my geo mobblog Before our big trip around Europe I set up this system to blog with added geographic tagging. Turned out that on the road I couldn't use gprs so it never happened. I'm off skiing next week so I want to see if it all still works.