My next Linux install will be Debian

But, god the delight of hunkering down in the Debian commune again. I love how relentless and unsullied they are, even by Ubuntu.

Danny O'Brien on moving from Mac to Debian. I'll also be switching from Ubuntu on my next install. Ubuntu have screwed their users far too hard. Danny's smoking crack if he thinks Gnome 3's shell isn't insane though.

And welcome back Danny. You've been missed!

Linux, implemented in JavaScript

JavaScript is just a buggy toy language right? Wrong! (Though having the same operator for addition and concatenation is still idiotic.)

It's amazing how far JavaScript, and particularly the implementation of JavaScript engines, has come.

Linux, implemented in JavaScript. Astonishing. And it runs about as fast in a browser on my desktop as my first Linux machine, back in 1992.