On the anatomy of thrift

This beautiful series of instructional web videos teaches how to butcher pigs in a relaxed and fun hipster style. These guys would undoubtedly ride fixies and use Macs. Or at least their customers would. Very instructive on the finer points, and done with loving care.

Nice work Google

For the record, those devices are:
  • Acer Iconia A500 Android tablet
  • Samsung Galaxy SII
  • HTC Desire
  • Logitech Revue (Google TV)
You'd think they could make it work on at last one of them if they're gonna make that claim!

My new bike: Breezer Villager

I bought a new bike on Saturday. I've wanted something with a hub dynamo for a long time, and finally found one in my price range and in a style I like. It's a gorgeous piece of bike and rides amazingly. I miss the suspension fork on Sydney's roads, but it has much snappier handling than my cheap old MTB.

$1050 from the wonderful folk at Cheeky. Amazing value for integrated lighting, and came with mud guards and a very sturdy rack. Only down side is the seat isn't the most comfortable. Might swap it over for the MTB one. Apparently the price is because it's the end of this line for Breezer.

My next Linux install will be Debian

But, god the delight of hunkering down in the Debian commune again. I love how relentless and unsullied they are, even by Ubuntu.

Danny O'Brien on moving from Mac to Debian. I'll also be switching from Ubuntu on my next install. Ubuntu have screwed their users far too hard. Danny's smoking crack if he thinks Gnome 3's shell isn't insane though.

And welcome back Danny. You've been missed!