Getting the boot in

We've spent the last three nights camping in Alberobello, home of all these cute little "Trulli" houses which are cone-shaped limestone roofs. Quite nice. This is down in South-East Italy, the heel of the boot.

During our stay we met a few Aussies from Perth in the campsite. One was cycling around Italy on quite a trek. The other two were campervanning around Europe. We made a rather excellent discovery of a €1.65 bottle of local Puglian wine that was quite drinkable. Yummy!

We're back in Bari for our flight to Germany. Can't wait for some tasty German beer and sausages. We meet up with Scott, Katie and Aidan in Munich on the 16th for some Aussie World Cup madness. We'll be the ones outside the stadium in the Eureka Stockade flag t-shirts, if you're looking for us on the telly!

Rome then beach

Hi folks. We're currently down in Southern Italy, staying in a caravan park near Sorrento. We had a fantastic time in Rome, seeing all the major sights and staying in a pretty fun hostel (but for the rich American trust fund college kids).

We've been somewhat incommunicado down at the camp site because there's minimal mobile coverage and Internet access is 3 Euro/15 minutes! Been great to get some beach time in, swimming every day and we're both very brown. We went out to the island of Capri one day, though unfortunately we couldn't go into the blue grotto.

Tomorrow we're off to the other side of the boot for a few more days, then we fly from Bari to Frankfurt to start the German part of our trip.

Good to see we beat Greece in the latest friendly. That bodes well for us beating Brazil.



We arrived in Rome yesterday and it's fantastic finally seeing the place. It's just completely jammed with Old Shit (and tourists), you can't wander around without running into something incredibly old. Loads of fun!

Today we went to the Colosseum, Forum and Paladine. Pretty warm day for those of us used to London, so we were pretty exhausted by the end of it. Not helped by the girl in our dorm room coughing all night.

The hostel has free Internet so I've uploaded all our remaining photos of Florence and Sienna, as well as today's (as yet unedited) photos from Rome. See them at


Florence and more photos

We've finally found a reasonably priced Internet cafe that lets us plug in our camera, so there's now photos from Granada, San Jose, Valencia, Peniscola, Como and the first pics from Florence. See them at my photo gallery.

So we're in Florence and it's just beautiful! Doesn't look like we'll get to see the Uffizi Gallery as we didn't get our shit together and book tickets in advance. Might head off to Sienna tomorrow for a day trip.


We left Barcelona yesterday and flew into Milan in Italy. We're now in a hostel beside lovely Lake Como. We just got back from a boat ride up the lake to Bellagio. Great place! Tomorrow we're off to Milan for the day, then Florence the following day.

I've finally found an Internet cafe where I can upload photos, so stay tuned to the photo site for the latest.

Light Fingers in Barcelona

Well I guess it had to happen at some point. I got pickpocketed in Barcelona a couple of days ago. We had just arrived in town, with our huge backpacks on the metro. Classic tactics, they saw my wallet come out to buy the tickets and followed us. Then the diversion while an accomplice dips into my pocket (which I though secure, evidently not) and they're off at the next stop.

Not a huge problem, though I resent being involved in forced wealth redistribution. Shittybank, amazingly, have been very good about replacement card. Should be in Florence by the time we get there. For now we're using Holly's card.

Two player card games?

As you might imagine, we're spending a fair amount of time sitting around either waiting for transport or travelling. There's also the inevitable nights when it's raining or cold and we want to sit in a cafe and chill out. Ploughing through English language books is one option, but finding enough books to keep the engine running is expensive and difficult.

So anyone got any tips for good two player card games? I bought Holly a book of card games for her birthday, but most require either more than one deck of cards or more players. We've almost played out Rummy...


Geo: 40.364661,000.403640

No, not a new drink marketed at the gay market but a beach town on the coast North of Valencia.

We decided we needed some more beach time, after our time in San Jose was marred by rain. After setting up our tent on a beautiful afternoon, we were looking forward to swimming the next day. Of course, we woke up to rain. Seems to be what happens whenever we camp.

Fortunately today was lovely and sunny, barely a cloud in the sky. We're both going rather brown, despite repeated latherings with 30+. I even managed to catch one of the (meagre) waves today! Woo!

Tomorrow we're catching the train North to Barcelona. We've only got he one night but we'll hopefully get back to El Setial, our fave restaurant there (Regomir, 11 Barcelona, in case you're wondering).

The following morning we're flying to Milan to start the Italian leg of our grand adventure! We're staying in Como and will duck into Milan to see the major sights. Then Florence, Rome, Amalfi Coast and across to Bari. Then we fly from Bari to Frankfurt.

Once again, the photo isn't mine, but it shows the view from about where we were lying all day today.

San Jose then Valencia

Geo: 39.472906,-000.371813
San Jose then Valencia

We arrived in Valencia last night after a mammoth 8.5 hour bus ride through every no-horse town between Almeria and the Costa Blanca. Certainly a long trip, but we're glad to be here.

We spent five days in San Jose which is in the Cabo de Gata National Park and has a lovely strip of sandy beach. Not much in the way of waves, in fact on the first day it was calmer than a tea cup. The second day brought heavy winds and the third a huge storm. We seem to be attracting violent weather here in Spain...

Due to the storm, we spent our last night in San Jose staying at a cheap hotel. Nice to have clean sheets and big, scratchy towels (as compared to our tiny camp towels).

It was nice to unwind a little after all the hectic sightseeing around the rest of Spain. We've certainly seen a lot of stuff in our short time here!

Next week we're off to Italy with a flight from Barcelona to Milan, though we'll be staying in much cheaper Como and ducking into (by most accounts pretty soulless) Milan to check out the major sights. We're spending a mammoth six nights in Rome, and even then reading the Lonely Planet I wonder if we'll do more than scratch the surface. Quite looking forward to the change of pace, though not the queues we can expect...

This photo isn't mine, as we can't connect our digital camera to these computers. I nabbed it off Google Images. It's of San Jose beach.


Geo: 37.176901,-003.588436

The Alhambra in Granada. You've played the game, now see the real thing!

We had to get up at 0630 this morning to get tickets, but it's well worth it.