Funniest bug ticket comment ever!

Comment #56 on issue 1180 by bryce.boley: Email app does not display inline images

So my ex-girlfriend sent me some really hot photos of herself. Much to my dismay.. I fucking couldn't view them on this fucking phone.. (evo). What the fuck? I thought I had something wrong in settings.. increased download size... tried sending to another email account.. nothing. Ironically my pos palm pre (it's still on and connected through WiFi) has no problem at all viewing online attachments. So I "googled" it and here I am. I don't know what the hell they do on the Google campus.. but it's not email development for the Android phones. All these fucking never-been-laid nerds at Google need to understand the importance of a woman sending you provocative photos of herself as inline attachments. Let me make a suggestion.. buy palm.. keep their software developers.. fire yous.

Sadly it's already been deleted, but hopefully that means some Googlers will finally look at the bug. It's a pretty lame bug on their high-profile device, for their high-profile service.

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