Back from Stockholm

Just got back from a week in Stockholm staying with Juz and Gav. Brilliant weather, we even got tans! Stockholm is a beautiful city, particularly the archipelago where we spent three days swimming and lazing in the sun. Photos up shortly.

Weekend in Aisne

Weekend in Aisne,

We got back from a long weekend in Aisne, Northern France. Nine of us went on the Eurostar on Friday afternoon, hiring a minibus in Lille. Great time had by all!

Beautiful weather on Saturday and Sunday, verging on the hot. Barbecues every evening on the patio at our hired place. We went to Chimay, land of excellent Trappist beer and cheese across the border in Belgium.

Photos here.


Holly and I got back from snowboarding on Saturday night. Had a great time but snowboarding is a lot harder than skiing. Took us quite a while just to get the basics. With skiing you can be snowplowing down the mountain in a day.

Weather was fantastic, sunny every day except the last when it chucked down a lot of snow. The place we were staying, Vallandry was really nice. Good fun.

Photos here.


A couple of weeks ago, Andrew Allen took us up to Snowdonia to climb Mount Snowdon. Of course, being Andy, the nice easy tourist walk wasn't dangerous enough and he convinced us to climb the hardest climb, via another mountain called Crib Goch. Little did we know that this would actually involve rock climbing, knife-edge scrambles with many hundred metre drops, being completely wet and no visibility.

Anyway, we made it but ended up having to turn back. Fortunately we ran into some very experienced mountaineers who showed us the fastest way down, or we might not have made it in daylight. Ack!

Photos are available here. Most were taken by Thomas.

London Open House

On Saturday Holly and I went to see some buildings as part of the London Open House thing. For one weekend each year, buildings, or parts of buildings, that are normally closed are open to the public. We saw the Royal Courts of Justice, 120 Fleet Street and Staple Inn.

Highlight was definitely the art deco interior of 120 Fleet Street, former home of the Daily Express. An absolutely amazing interior.

Photos we took are here.

Ljubljana again

Well I'm in Ljubljana again for work. It's been a bit less stressful than last time, and we're making progress on the work.

Tonight I caught up with one of the girls I met with my colleage Jen last time I was here. Unfortunately Nejka, the other girl we met, managed to crash her Mum's car this evening, and couldn't make it.

I've taken some photos with the new camera. Started out all rainy and shitty, but turned into a beautiful evening.