Pulled pork

This weekend I made pulled pork again. It's such a great treat and uses insanely cheap meat.  I pretty much followed this recipe from Kidspot, with about $15 worth of pork shoulder and a bit of a mixture of BBQ sauces, since I ran out of one and had to crack out the Daddy's brown sauce.

The key ingredient to this recipe is time. It needs the full 10 hours in the slow cooker to soften all those nasty stringy bits of well-used muscle in the shoulder. This can be difficult to arrange if you're planning to eat it the same day, though if you have little kids it can be less difficult to arrange as you're up early.  Mine wasn't ready until 22:00 last night, so we didn't eat it until today.

Chilled, the pulled pork is a bit like lean rillettes. Shredded pork in jelly, juices and a little fat.  Nothing like as salty though.  I was an exchange student in Le Mans, which is famous for pork rillettes as well as a car race, so I have a bit of a soft spot for them.

This morning I had a bit of a treat breakfast.  Toast, a little pulled pork, eggs and some habanero sauce. Delicious!

Tonight we used it for dinner.  Burritos with some pulled pork and a heap of salad, all the greens from the garden. Again, divine.

There's still stacks left. At least enough for another burrito meal and a few smaller packs in the freezer to be used for pizza toppings.

I do love this dish!  Highly recommended.