Adobe's Omniture license agreements getting ridiculous

Some time ago I was invited to Adobe Omniture's Client Advisory Board to have some input into the next iteration of the Adobe's Omniture products. They sent me through an agreement to sign before I could attend and, on reading it I found I couldn't agree to it.  Along with standard terms about confidentiality and the like, it had clauses preventing me from working for any company competing against Adobe or writing "negative or misleading comments about Adobe or our product" in "any other communication method".

It appears the Adobe lawyers really have got their hooks into the company.  Check this clause out in the new Omniture agreement I must agree to before using the tool I require for my job.  In particular check out that last sentence. Ridiculous.  The other clauses are pretty crazy too -- given the breadth of products made by Adobe, who isn't a competitor?

The Adobe Products and Services are not available to competitors of Adobe, and competitors of Adobe are hereby expressly prohibited from using or accessing the Adobe Products and Services, whether or not authorized by License Company. Furthermore, by entering the Site, you are certifying that you are not a competitor of Adobe and that you will not share or otherwise disclose the Adobe Products and Services or Content with a competitor of Adobe. You further agree that you will not in the future engage in competitive business with Adobe.