I hate 24 hour news channels

So the ABC is launching "ABC News 24". Full marks for the totally unique name.  I want to have a kvetch about 24 news channels.  My pattern of use of these channels, I suspect, isn't that different from anyone else.

When I want the news, I want the update now.  If your channel isn't providing it now, what's the point of a 24 news channel?  If you're going to run documentaries and other filler, don't call it "News 24", call it "Documentaries and News" or something.

Now i understand producers want to get all creative, and look at issues in more detail.  Great.  Have another channel, and on the 24 hour news channel, have a loop of the last news update until the next one.  When something big happens, switch to the live feed in studio that's on the "Documentaries and News".

Better yet, how about getting really funky with IPTV and just having a playlisted news service that always has the latest versions of whatever stories are current.  Then I can register my preferences and, for example, never see a story on AFL or NRL but always see stories on football.

Of course, I guarantee that ABC News 24 will be just like BBC News 24, and have all the documentaries and crap, so whenever I tune in there won't be the one thing I want: news.  Which will make me unhappy.