Brewing again

I finally got all my brewing kit over to our new pad (thanks Jamie!) so I can start brewing again. Last night I got the first batch underway. A Cooper's Brewmaster Pilsener kit. Nothing fancy in the method, didn't even do a starter on the yeast. Looked like it was getting going this morning.

Next up is a wheat beer. I'm gonna start experimenting to get that Hoegaarden flavour. Unfortunately it may end up being ready too late for the Summer, but that's alright if I get the flavour right it'll still be good. This beer actually has curucao orange and coriander seed in it. Odd, but tastes great! My mate Graeme has been making some great cracks at this style, so I'm getting tips from him.

I've just put in an order to Hop and Grape to get the Belgian Wit yeast I need. I'm gonna make a few batches of this stuff to see how I can do.

Oh and I bought a Mexican Cerveza style beer. Gonna try making the chilli beer again.

Norkfolk Nog is amazing

I made a premium kit called Woodeforde's Norfolk Nog back at the start of November and stuck it in a pressure barrel with 100g extra dark malt. It's the beer I've been setting aside for Xmas Day.

I just moved it from its little hidey hole behind the couch into the serving position, a very cool corner of the kitchen.

In the interests of science I had a taste and it's my finest homebrew yet. Thick, rich and sweet, but not cloyingly so. Dark, slightly toffee hints and a light hopping make it a well rounded winter beer. I'm really looking forward to Xmas Eve when we crack it for real!