Visions of Tokyo

I've just discovered an incredible site that uses Flash in a way that actually enhances the information. Amazing, really. Mid-Tokyo Maps presents a range of different views of the city of Tokyo, looking at raw data to analyse what makes up this metropolis. It has really interesting presentations of urban planning and lifestyle data.

Most impressed and would love to see similar views of data for cities I know well like Sydney or London.

Play: The Madness of George Dubya

I saw this play last night in Camden, London. It supposedly finishes on 8th February but I certainly hope it goes longer.

Think a musical update of Dr Strangelove. I was expecting a fairly amateurish production but was instead blown away by the highly entertaining, snappy acting and script. The musical numbers are a real treat.

If you're in London or can get there before 8th February, go and see it! Satire isn't dead.

I was going to recommend this play to people at work, but I guess I have to be a bit careful. Many of my workmates are Israeli and I'm not sure how well they would see the funny side of lyrics like "Yasmina the Cleaner (a very nice girl) ... she goes ga-ga for hezbollah".