Predator has left the building...

My good friend and partner in activist geekery, <predator>, died over the weekend. He had been battling it out with cancer for some months.

The world, and Sydney's activist community in particular, has lost a fine asset. <predator> was that rarest of geeks, a hardware hacker. He could turn a dumpster-dived non-working piece of hardware into an important and reliable component of our core equipment.

More importantly, <pred> possessed a wisdom beyond his years. To those who met him in passing, he could seem gruff, even rude. But scratch the surface and you would unexpectedly find a cheerful, warm and incredibly generous person, the kind of mate you knew would really help you out of a bind, were it necessary

<Pred> mate, we'll miss you.

Sydney Indymedia tribute page.

Moved house...

We've moved into our new pad in Barons Court. Very nice place! Lots of sunlight in the lounge room and both rooms are very big.

Now waiting on Ikea and their crap delivery service so we can get the rest of our new furniture.

Ljubljana again

Well I'm in Ljubljana again for work. It's been a bit less stressful than last time, and we're making progress on the work.

Tonight I caught up with one of the girls I met with my colleage Jen last time I was here. Unfortunately Nejka, the other girl we met, managed to crash her Mum's car this evening, and couldn't make it.

I've taken some photos with the new camera. Started out all rainy and shitty, but turned into a beautiful evening.

More spam Dada poetry

This one made the mistake of mentioning the word "Viagra", which means a quick trip to the junk bin. However, the attempt to get around the Bayesian filters is amusing.

urban centres with stable and predictable funding although details have yet to be provided in both Iowa and New Hampshire that is so weird you should say that The Eagles who are capable of sending million in fuel taxes per year

Spammers discover Dada poetry

My good friend, Furlough S. Megabytes, just sent me a wonderfully bizarre poetry with Subject: chlorates aweless bescrape chamois. This was quickly followed by my old mate Grudging T. Creamiest with Subject: demolisher clypeaster bogyland brackened. Wow!

I'm impressed because not only is this a brilliant piece of surreal poetry, but it also managed to make it past my spam filters. The first in some time! In fact, Spam Assassin only gave them 1.7.

This, I suspect, was because the big cluster of extra bonus Dada poetry at the end of the message threw off the Bayesian filters, and this spammer carefully tested the message with SA to ensure it didn't trip up any of the other rules.

Amused me, anyway...