Warp does digital music right

One of my fave record labels, Warp Records has just launched their digital downloadable music site, Bleep. At last, someone has done it right!

Have a look at this little exerpt from the EULA:
You shall be authorized to store as unlimited copies of the Product on any media, provided that these copies are for personal non-commercial use only. The Product or copies of the Product may not be resold or streamed either for profit or non-profit use,
You shall be entitled to export, burn or copy Products solely for personal, noncommercial use.

Brilliant! Their prices aren't particularly cheap though. Lower than the CD prices, but not much. For example, the new Broadcast album is £6.99. Not exactly cheap! Sure, Amazon are charging £10.99, but you'd think the costs of digital distribution would be much lower...

Still, the quality should be good and it's nice to see someone trusting users. I'm off to get that Broadcast album!

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