The downside of hub gears

Last night I discovered the downside of hub gears when I went to ride off from work and discovered my rear wheel was flat as a pancake. Getting the wheel out is quite an operation on my commuter bike. It seems to have track dropouts which means you have to remove chaintugs (held in place with tiny nuts mounted in a place that's hard to access with a portable bike tool), remove the nuts and grippy bits holding the wheel on (no quick-release skewers here, you need a spanner), remove the chain, remove the gear cable, remove the brake and finally slide the wheel out.

Then when you're putting it back in, adjusting is quite the operation. I can't work out what the tension needs to be -- it seems to be either too tight or too loose, and the brakes are all wrong.

This sucker's gonna have to go into the monkey tonight. I might ask about these tugnuts to make at least one of the jobs easier, and make adjustments a hell of a lot easier. And they have a bottle opener!