Sydney FC fixture calendar

I've entered all the upcoming fixtures for this season into the public Sydney FC calendar I maintain. It means I know when games are coming up as I live by my calendar and refer to it constantly.

Timezone is Sydney but for away games outside NSW and Victoria are likely to be wrong until a week or two before the game. I couldn't be arsed working out the complicated daylight saving bollocks and both Sydney FC and FFA give only "local" time. I'll look them up in Betfair periodically. The betting agents want to take bets right up to kickoff, so their times are always accurate.

All Sydney FC matches, times in Sydney time (though probably wrong for away matches until the week of the game).

These links will take you there. You probably want the HTML version if you use Google Calendar.

If you're viewing this on my site directly, you'll be able to see the calendar below. Coming through a feed, it should be stripped.

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This work is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence. For commercial use, contact me and I'll probably let you use it for a donation to SFCU.

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