Shittyrail claims ownership of timetable data

Apparently Sydney's Shittyrail government transport monopoly is threatening an iPhone developer who had the temerity of making their timetables more usable. This from an organisation whose web site presents its timetables in the brilliantly web-friendly format of just like the printed timetable. So assuming you know which lines you need to get to your destination, you then need to page through it to find the appropriate direction and time.

"RailCorp's primary concern is that our customers receive accurate, up-to-date timetable information," a spokeswoman said in a statement.

Which might be a good argument if their own timetable pages were updated with service disruptions, trackwork and other changes. They're not. Instead they plaster a notice over the timetable telling you vaguely about the trackwork. No reason, of course, that they couldn't make this information available to developers to expose to their applications.

I can see a letter to the minister and my MP coming.

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