I first ate shakshuka the morning after an outdoor rave near Sydney, cooked by a bunch of Israeli psy-trance types. It was the perfect refuel after a night dancing under the stars. Tomato, onion, egg and a touch of spice.

This morning I got up late and was too busy for breakfast. When it finally came time for breakfast I was ravenous. Since I'd just picked up our co-op's latest fruit and veg box I was looking around at what needed using up and three super ripe roma tomatoes from the last shop caught my eye. Shakshuka! Perfect.

It's a surprisingly quick cooked breakfast. I fried up some little batons of pancetta (not very authentic for this North African dish), a tiny red onion and some garlic, then dropped in the roughly chopped tomatoes and a tablespoon or two of water. Simmered it down, stirred in some harissa paste, then cracked two eggs in and covered. Then topped with chopped parsley and served with toast. I forgot to add any cumin but it was still excellent.

Delicious! Wish I'd taken a photo. This photo is just one found online but very much what mine looked like. Made it again on Sunday with grape tomatoes from this week's shop and remembered to take a photo this time. Remembered the cumin too.

My favourite recipe comes from Yotam Ottoleghi: