Russian Circles

Last night's gig was Russian Circles, a "post-metal" band from the US. I've followed them since the 2000s.

It was a stinking hot night: 28° and something like 90% humidity, so of course I rode my bike in. The Metro Theatre is fortunately very well air conditioned so it was lovely inside. No zero alcohol beers available so I got a glass of tonic instead.

I caught only the last few minutes of one support band, I think they were Meniscus. Seemed quite good. Second support, Tangled Thoughts of Leaving , were a bit too clever for their own good. A cacophonous wall of noisy free jazz.

Russian Circles were great. Heavy, tight and with fantastic tracks. The lighting was particular well executed with the fog combining with lights switching between rear, front and side to great effect. You'd be watching the drummer and the lights switch to behind and suddenly he appears fuzzy, from the fog, then he's clearly illuminated and it's timed with the music. Nice one.

Fun gig. It hadn't cooled down on the way home, still sticky and hot but the roads were mercifully quiet.

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