Orbital - The Blue Album

Orbital's new, and last album, The Blue Album has hit the stores. It's pretty damn good!

Mixing the sounds of many of their earlier albums, particularly some of the ravier sounds of the Brown Album. Highlights for me are Acid Pants, a brilliant return to the acidy roots with a silly sample; You Lot" which seems to sample someone with the same accent as The Orb sampled on S.A.L.T., from Mike Leigh's Naked, but I think this one might be Christopher Ecclestone from last year's Second Coming telemovie and a little less deranged than the Revelations/Barcode rant; Bath Time is reminiscent of much of In Sides.

All in all, an excellent closing album, effectively closing off an era. Can't wait to see them this weekend at Glastonbury. Can't wait to hear what they do next, seperately. We'll miss you lads!

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