No more donations to Oxfam

Dear Oxfam

I'm writing publicly because you've completely ignored the email I sent you about this matter. Nice one.

I've been an Oxfam supporter for many years. You're one of the more respectable aid NGOs around. Non-religious and effective. Unfortunately your fundraising methods are getting more and more intrusive. Your use of charity muggers annoyed me, particularly when I worked on Little Oxford Street in London and got hassled by them every single day.

The final straw has been you placing me on your tree spam mailing list when I donated to your Burma cyclone appeal. You don't actually offer an option to notprivacy policy says "Oxfam Australia will provide you with the opportunity to opt out of receiving future communications from us". Except it doesn't work!

So goodbye Oxfam. I'll have to find another aid charity for my donations.