New policy on bands

To avoid ending up like my parents (who recently saw Simon and Garfunkel) I've decided to adopt a new policy. I won't see any bands unless they have put out new material, even crap new material, within the last ten years. This means I can still see Bowie, New Order and the like, but not has-been regroupings like last night's Human League gig.

Don't get me wrong, the gig was great. I really enjoyed myself. What's more, the band knew their place: after playing their two big numbers at the end of their set, they knew they were out of material that anyone would know for the encore. So they played Visage's Fade to Grey and Giorgio Moroder's Together in Electric Dreams. Great stuff.

And yes, Steve, Phil has absolutely no stage presence.

The problem is, I couldn't help feeling like I'd joined the RSL cabaret set. Scary and far too middle-aged for me.

Right, I'm off to see how much hair plugs and Porsche cars cost. Wonder if I can afford it after my pension fund payments?

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