New musical discoveries

I've just discovered some new, and re-discovered some old, music worth passing on.

Ellen Allien has been around for years but I've only recently discovered her music. She has an excellent mix on her site. A nice range of interesting new techno. Always interesting stuff coming from Berlin.

This has also got me interested in some other artists on her label, Bpitch Control. Sascha Funke is good, and there's a great compilation called Gemeinsam. If you like interesting and varied techno, well worth checking out this label.

The Berlin connection reminded me of the early days of MFS Records in the early days of trance. Back then, the trance coming out of Germany was a revelation. When it was all happening, just about every release on this label was gold. A huge and lively scene grew around this style of music in Sydney, sparking off into numerous other sub-genres of music and opening up trance as the mega phenomenon it became.

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