Josephine's Cheese: Terrible packaging

Josephine's Traditional Goats Cheese in Ash

Josephine's Cheese, given your site has no contact information, and doesn't even display the product I bought, I'll have to howl into the aether and assume you'll find it when I SEO your arse (given Google doesn't even see your image-only site, that won't be hard).

So I bought your "Traditional Goat's Cheese in Ash" last week. It was delicious. Unfortunately your packaging is abysmal. After very carefully peeling off the label, you're presented with this tube of squished cheese. If you take care from this point, and happen to have scissors or a sharp knife handy, you can just about get a single blob of cheese out ready to serve. More likely you'll end up with more like a tube of cheese toothpaste squirted out onto your serving location.

Great cheese. I won't buy it again in this packaging. Buy your competitors' products and learn.