Jeremy Champion of Connect Digital: welcome to the shitlist

It's no secret I'm no fan of recruitment consultants. They're up there with estate agents in being leeches on society that provide no value while scraping off their percentage. Their inability to understand social norms is infuriating. The way they don't seem to understand that talking about your career over the phone in an open plan office isn't really convenient is just bizarre, though as a class they seem unable to carry out a conversation by email.

Jeremy Champion takes the audacity and rudeness to new heights. My LinkedIn profile is very explicit:

Telemarketers for conferences do NOT have permission to contact me. Recruitment consultants do NOT have permission to contact me.

You can't get much clearer than that. Which is what makes the note I just received from Jeremy Champion of Connect Digital, a recruiter, so infuriating.

Hi Simon- I read the note at the bottom of you page :)

Sure I am a recruiter, although am after some help please if yuou don't mind. A client of mine is looing for a Web Analytics Manager to head up a new team within a leading Search Agency. Any chance you might be able to refer anyone to me please.

So not only does he go against my extremely simple, explicit request, he admits to reading it and just plowing on ahead anyway. Jeremy, welcome to my recruiter blacklist. This list is for those who go above and beyond even their shoddy class in terms of ethics and rude behaviour.