Is this some standard PSU?


So the power supply on my MythTV server died last weekend with a bang. I'm hoping it didn't take all the other hardware with it, but first I need to get a replacement PSU in there. One nice thing about IBM hardware is the extensive documentation which tells me the power supply is Field Replaceable Unit (FRU) 24R2555 or 24P6820. All well and good, except the places selling these things online either don't ship to Australia or insist on maximum-cost couriers like UPS or Fedex, so a US$20 part ends up costing well over US$100. An eBay seller in the UK changed his mind and cancelled the sale after discovering postage was going to be £60 rather than the £25.90 he'd quoted me.

So can anyone, perhaps someone who knows their way around the bowels of IBM documentation better than me, tell me if this power supply follows some kind of standard I can source somewhere other than official Big Blue? It doesn't follow the same form factor

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