Dear car sites: we're not all rev heads

Holly and I are discussing getting a bigger car. With another kid on the way, two child seats in the back of a Yaris is going to be very crowded. I need the seat all the way back to drive, and a car seat behind it would prevent that. There's also not enough cargo space with the whole back seat taken.

So we're looking around at cars. Lots of options, lots of quite good sites with reviews and comparisons. Carsguide's Buyer's Guides to used cars stand out as particularly useful round ups of individual generations of a particular model.

However, one thing that's really missing is the kind of information we need.  There's lots of sites that give really detailed information and comparisons about engine performance, torque, bore and stroke (whatever that is).  I couldn't give a shit.  My engine requirements are pretty simple: I push the pedal down, it goes.  I don't have to fill it up very often.  It doesn't break down.

What I really want is a meaningful comparison of legroom (front and rear) and storage space! This is really hard to find for used cars. The latest models on the manufacturers' sites tend to have these measurements, though I'm unclear if the basis of measurement is somehow standardised.

So lift your game car sites!  Do you really think that the kind of people who buy a Toyota Yaris care about the specifics of what's under the hood?  Not everyone is a rev head, though I suppose the majority of people building car sites are.
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