De-obfuscate Omniture's JavaScript part 2

After my last post an anonymous email arrived with an even better mechanism to de-obfuscate Omniture's code, including the line-noise base s_code.

Handy way to decode Omniture's line noise

I currently have a real need to be able to understand how Omniture works for a particular implementation, and have requested a commented version. Apparently it's kept very tight and I might be able to "see" parts of it. Ridiculous when you can rather easily do this. I'll now probably blow half a day working out what all the single letter variables are.

Copy and paste the following into Firebug's console and run it.

//code to unobfuscate the s_code
var str = '<hr><pre>';
var strFunction;
var strFunctionName;
var i;
for(i in s) {
       x = s[i];
       if (typeof(x) == 'function')    {
               strFunctionName = i.toString();
               strFunction = x.toString();
               strFunction = strFunction.replace(/^function( ?anonymous)?/, 's_object_name.' + strFunctionName + ' = function');
               str += strFunction + '\r\n \r\n   // ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- -------  \r\n\r\n';

Thanks to our anonymous tipster!

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