Battlesnake: metal madness!

Last Saturday night I went with my mate Michael to see Battlesnake. This band have been on my radar to watch with their over-the-top stage theatrics and right-on hard rock. Think Saxon by way of Spinal Tap. This is clearly a band who have watched Spinal Tap a few times. And taken notes.

Loads of fun. Unfortunately they had some problems blowing out the venue's electrics every time they hit their big stage lights, so we got a somewhat diminished show. I'll be along to their show for Vivid in June to see what I was missing!

The show was wild. Seven dudes on a fairly small stage. Great songs with killer riffs, delivered by great musicians who clearly enjoy doing the theatrics. Check out the video here showing some truly Spinal Tap antics with a guitarist wheeled through the crowd on wheels. Hilarious.

They're playing around places, including Europe, so check em out!

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