Alternatives to Posterous?

My blog has been on Posterous for some years now and it's been awesome. The best thing about it is that you just email a bunch of stuff, with whatever attachments in whatever format are relevant, and they just work.

Sadly they're shutting down following their talent acquisition by Twitter. That's a real shame. Now I have to find an alternative.

  • Hosted. I'm not going to maintain a server just for blogging thanks.
  • Allows custom JS. I'm always testing out new analytics tools on my own sites.
  • Post through email
Squarespace is lovely but pretty expensive for what I need, unless I can consolidate all three sites into one platform while keeping the domains (waiting on their ticket response).

I had high hopes for Markdown-based blog tools like Jekyll, but I find them a bit clunky. Posterous has got me used to a really easy blogging workflow that works well for me.

Any suggestions? I'm happy to pay.
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If you find something - particularly another meta-posting service, please let me know. While I liked posterous for its interface and ease of use, it's biggest advantage, for me, was as a post-distributor functionality that allowed me to automate posting across multiple platforms. Fortunately, I don't need to export my Posterous because all my content is already also on Tumblr, BlogSpot, Wordpress, etc.
I keep looking too and am finding nothing that has the same features - except maybe Posthaven ;-)
Tumblr is the new age blogging platform, it is more twitter like.

Moving to Tumblr can be tricky as its more simplified. You can use tools like to move your blog to tumblr.