Ahhh Kooky

Three and a half years ago, Holly and I spent our last night out in Sydney at Club Kooky. All this time on, and it's gone through moving location, stopping for a time and now it's back at Club 77.

I went last Sunday night and had a fab time. Club 77 has removed a bunch of internal walls and stuff, making it a much better space. The sound still sucks and the air conditioning is still inadequate, but it is an improvement.

Kooky is just awesome because it's one of those rare places with a great, consistent crowd, excellent music and a quality vibe. It's a queer club in the truest sense: completely mixed in terms of gender and sexuality, making it quite unique.

I wish I could find something as diverse in London...

Also went to Frigid last Sunday before Kooky. The new venue (old Newtown RSL) is excellent, the crowd great and the vibe very good. Had a great time and managed to catch up with loads of people I wouldn't otherwise have seen.

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